Friday, September 1, 2017

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Forbes (2013) Beware The Liability Of Sharing Your Car With Strangers - This is a great article on the risks of renting your car. Although a little dated, it is still quite relevant. Among other things it recounts an accident that highlights the risks to the owner. At the time of its writing, this article states that New York issued a cease and desist to Turo. Apparently, judging from the cars available in New York, this has been lifted.

Travelcodex (2016) Make Thousands Each Month Renting Cars with Turo - Comments section especially interesting with regards to economic viability.

Answer on Quora to my posting Does it make sense to register a car under an LLC to provide personal liability protection for bodily injury claims with respect to auto insurance?.

Auto Rental News - Legislation OKs Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing in Oregon and California

California Assembly Bill 1871"With the enactment of AB1871, California is reinventing automobiles as a shared service," said Sunil Paul, CEO and founder of Spride. "I am thrilled to be part of the first wave of participants by enrolling my own Toyota Highlander Hybrid."

Specifically, from bill 1871 section 1.2.(g) In the event that the owner of the vehicle is named as a
defendant in a civil action, for a loss or injury that occurs during
any time period when the vehicle is under the operation and control
of a person, other than the vehicle's owner, pursuant to a personal
vehicle sharing program, or otherwise under the control of a personal
vehicle sharing program, the personal vehicle sharing program shall
have the duty to defend and indemnify the vehicle's owner, subject to
the provisions of subdivisions (d) and (f).

Oregon House Bill 3149Since the passage of House Bill 3149, at least two companies have announced expansion to the state: Getaround will be running its peer-to-peer service by February through a federal grant and fresh-off-the-block JustShareIt has mentioned that it plans to expand to Oregon later this year after just launching in San Francisco Jan. 1.

from SustainABlog regarding CA AB 1871 -

Prior to AB 1871, if an individual opted to put his or her own car into a car sharing program, a typical insurance company would consider the vehicle to be a commercial vehicle and would invalidate the individual’s personal insurance.

AB 1871 addresses this by clearly demarcating  liability. When a person’s personal vehicle is in the car sharing program, the program assumes all liabilities, and when it is in the owner’s possession, it goes back to being a personal vehicle covered by the owner’s own insurance.  This clear demarcation is helped through technology that records when the car is and isn’t under the car sharing program’s control.


AB 1871 enjoyed widespread support from environmental groups such as the Environmental Defense Fund and the Sierra Club of California, transit districts like BART, and car sharing and personal vehicle sharing organizations across the nation such as City CarShare, Spride, Gettaround, RelayRides, Go-op Inc. and
The new law received unanimous support in the legislature, and takes effect Jan. 1, 2011.

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